He is the FOUNDER CHAIRMAN of the CMCORPS group. He is B.E., MBA, MST i.e., an Engineer (B.E.) and Postgraduate in Business Management (MBA) and Master’s in Software Technology (MST). Had initial training with IBM in USA. He was the first in the country who was allowed by the Government to import a Main Frame Computer in 1981. In early 70’s he floated leading software company with imported IBM mainframe computer. Is Chairman and Managing Director of various companies. Very well settled in business and is well known in industry. Has extensively traveled in India and Abroad in connection with business activities. He has been in software development, EDP Services, Technical Project Appraisals and System development Projects for past over 35 years. He has been involved with various Technical economic studies, Project studies, EDP and System Management. He was a member of the official team which was sent all over the world in early Eighties to find how the Software Exports can be promoted in the country.